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Hey there friendly people!

I’ve got a new CD coming out, a new chapter in my life that is being written as I’m living it.. so why not blog about it too, right?  (Like I have this kind of time.)

Here’s the really short version, to be expounded upon ad nauseam in future posts: the CD is called “Make It Mine” and it will have 16 songs, all performed, written, and produced by yours truly, your favorite neighborhood musical overachiever.

I’m going to the duplicators this Monday morning with all of my photos, lyrics, and thank yous – and hopefully by the middle of September I will have discs with which to harass you all and to use to slowly extort money from you all, 15 dollars at a time.

I’m hoping to use this blog to keep in touch with old friends and to connect with new friends and fans.  I’m an only child, so loneliness is, albeit not unfamiliar to me, not a preferred state of being.  In other words – share!  Comment!  Share again!  Comment some more!  Your loving comments/suggestions/rotten tomatoes are welcome (well, maybe not the tomatoes, unless they are carefully picked over and are simmering in a homemade spaghetti sauce).  So, stay tuned!