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It’s Sunday morning, and I’m enjoying my smoothie and looking out at another beautiful sunny day.  We’ve been really lucky up here in New England this year.

Last night, HEPINATO played at the 302 West Smokehouse in Fryeburg.  That would be Nate Towne and I.  Here’s the explanation of the name:





Got it?  Good.

Nate and I have known each other nearly 20 years now, but we never really started playing music together until fairly recently – by which I mean in the last 7 or 8 months or so.  No kidding.  We never rehearse or really go over things – but the results would never reveal such a thing.  There is a depth to our musical connection that escapes the grasp of spoken language.  In other words – I can’t tell you how awesome it is to play with Nate!  His guitar playing, singing and songwriting are among the best I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying, both as a fellow musician on stage and as a listener in the audience.  Despite the small stage, we made room for our guitars and my keyboard and Nate’s PA and played for 3 hours (with a couple of breaks, of course) until the noise ordinance that rules the roost in the Burg of Frye required us to quit at 11:30 p.m.  Our version of “The Weight” was really awesome, considering that we’d never played it together before!  The smells of brisket no longer entice me, being a vegan for some 10 years now.  But the French fries!  When our lovely waitress brought us two orders of French fries, fresh out of the fryer, I nearly burned my mouth from wanting to wholly devour their delicious starchy goodness.  I have a weakness for all things tater, and their fries are pretty tasty.

Can you tell I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, the way I’m extolling the virtues of fried potato pieces at 10:00 a.m.?

Tonight I’m playing again at the world famous Mt. Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods.   I’ve been playing there quite a bit this summer.  I’m sure I’ll write about it at some point.  But not tomorrow – I’ll be at the duplicators putting that CD together that everyone keeps pestering me about.  Then tomorrow night I’ll be helping co-host the open mic night at The Red Parka Pub over in Glen, NH – another one of my favorite hangouts this year that I’m sure I’ll talk about at some point, too.

I better wrap this up.  Shawn and I are heading up shortly to the woods of Gorham, NH today to tromp around in the woods and pick more blackberries for future smoothies.  A good place for a vegan like me, right?  Instead of hanging around in a steakhouse?  Nah – both places have something yummy to offer – and I’m not just talking about the food, either.  🙂