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After tromping through the woods on Sunday picking blackberries, my hands and arms were looking a little like they waged war with the business-end of a razor blade.  It was all well worth it though – there are still more berries that haven’t even turned red yet, but we got a fairly good amount.  The scratches are healing quite nicely and the berries are chilling in the fridge.

Last night I was at the Red Parka Pub again, hosting the open mic with Shawn.  My big brother JD came down, along with Al, Swamp Dog, James, Dan, and Steve. Mike came by, lamenting the fact that he only came to check things out and didn’t bring his guitar – but he told me he’s got a lot more veggies to share with us from his garden.  Can’t wait for that!  Much fun was had by all, even later on in the night when most everyone was out on the patio drinking $2 PBRs and not listening to us anymore.  I finally got to meet “Wanda”, Audio Kickstand‘s tour bus, which made me all the more excited to hit the road once my CD is finished.

Speaking of which – I went to the duplicators (those fine folks up at Klarity Multimedia) and put the booklet together.  It still needs some tweaks, but all in all we’re headed in the right direction.

It’s another scorcher of a day today, so I am pretty sure I’ll be in the river again at some point.  No gigs tonight, and after looking at how crazy my schedule is for the next few days, staying in tonight makes the most sense.  That laundry isn’t going to wash itself.  Plus, I’m thinking pesto for dinner.