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Wow, what a fantastic day!  Shawn and I went for a hike up Mt. Kearsarge and we were treated to some spectacular mountain views.  The weather was awesome – temps in the 70s, low humidity, a light breeze, a few clouds, and no bugs.  In a word, it was PERFECT!  We chose the 3.1 mile North Trail off of Hurricane Mountain Road.  As Shawn put it, there are basically three legs to the hike: the through-the-woods leg; the ledges leg; and the pain-in-the-ass leg.   We got to the summit in about 2 hours and spent an hour at the top, where we visited the fire tower, ate our lunch and just relaxed and enjoyed the amazing conditions.  I screwed up my ankle a bit on the way back down along the pain-in-the-ass leg, mainly because I’m a klutz with big feet who apparently can’t hike and have an engaging intellectual conversation at the same time.  At the moment, I’m waiting for my pizza to cook and am lying very comfortably on the couch.

After a day of hiking and then looking at my busy schedule for this coming week, I decided to take the night off tonight from the Parka.  As much as I love the open mic there, I really needed some down time tonight.  I think it’s the “I’m-an-only-child-and-I-need-my-space” kind of deal, and whenever the feeling arises, I need to go with it.

I know I eluded to some “big news” in my last post… but it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow.  Sorry, folks.  Until next time, have a Happy Labor Day, or at least what’s left of it!  (Which seems like an empty gesture to say, since I’m not a celebrant of holidays, nor am I am member of any workers’ unions.  Oh well.)