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Yeah, that title pretty much sums it up.  But no, I’m not done yet.  Just getting started.   Otherwise, what’s the point of having a blog?  🙂

Friday night I was back at the White Mountain Hotel, where I’ve been the house pianist in the Ledges Dining Room for about 7 years now.  It’s been a really great gig, although lately they’ve been seeing a lot less of me around the place since I’ve been gigging in so many other places and having to sub out my nights.  So, it was cool to be there again Friday.  It was so amazingly hot all day Friday, though, and I had this fantasy of having the piano moved to poolside so I could partake of the swimming pool in between sets.  I’m not sure the housemen would’ve been too keen on that idea, so I settled for being in air-conditioned comfort.  Good thing that “Earl” blew through Friday night and took away the heat and humidity – as much as I love to sweat, even I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable with the latest blast of summer.

So on Saturday, I had the pleasure of playing and singing at my friend Nicole’s wedding.  The weather, of course, was stunning, as was the setting – the whole shindig was held at Narramissic Farm in Bridgton, Maine.  To make a long story short, I will just say this – it was one of the most unique and heart-warming weddings I’ve been to, and I’ve played at lots of ’em.  From the ceremony in the field with the mountains as the perfect backdrop to the reception in the barn, complete with a stack-of-whoopee-pies-as-wedding-cake and a sharing of songs well into the late evening, it was about as perfect a thing as you can imagine. Nicole – the whole day was fantastic, start to finish.  Thanks for inviting me to be a part of it!

Today is Sunday, and my church gig started up again this morning.  Re-entry is always a little bumpy for me going back to play for the 1st UU Church in Norway, since it means giving up my Sunday mornings again after having had them off for 2 months (and what a summer I’ve had and what a TIME I’ve been having on these Sundays!).  But all went well and I was so glad to see old familiar faces again.  And at this late hour, I’m somehow finding the mental energy to get all this out… I just got home a little while ago from playing at the Mount Washington Hotel with the quartet that plays up there.  I’ve been subbing a lot up there this summer as a trio gig, but this evening I had the pleasure of playing with Rick Gordan, who is about as tremendous a horn player as they come.

No time for a nap this afternoon, though – I had to, among other things (about which I will write in tomorrow’s post, I promise!  Big news!), book my flight for Arizona in December!  Yep, I’m desert bound for 9 days this winter and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I’ll be visiting my dear friend Meteena and her husband and son. The plan is to check out the music scene there in Phoenix, hit some open mic nights and promote the new CD, and for sure getting some desert sand in my hiking boots.  I’m sure I’ll get roped into helping set up a Christmas tree, too.  🙂

I have absolutely no obligations tomorrow, other than to get out there and do some hiking around these White Mountains.  I think Shawn and I are going to hit Kearsarge tomorrow.  All in all, a great weekend and come to think of it, a great life, too.