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I’ve just finished sending out the press release for the CD release show.  Posters are starting to appear on bulletin boards and in windows all over town, and the word is getting out.  I am anxiously awaiting the final proofs of the CD booklet before it goes to press.  The answer to the question is YES there WILL be CDs in time for the show next month.  (Can you see that I’ve got my fingers crossed behind my back?)

So, in the meantime, I’m playing lots of music and having even more fun!  Thursday night was Maine Songwriters Night at the 302 just down the street, and since there weren’t many players signed up to perform, I got to try out a lot more originals than usual, and everyone was very supportive and even excited to hear the new stuff.  Nate Towne, of course, was there, and I played guitar on a few of his tunes with him.  I haven’t mentioned this, but he’s also currently working on a new CD which should be out sometime early next year.  In fact, I’ll be appearing on a few of the tracks, too.  I’m so psyched to have such prolific and talented musician friends!  🙂

On Friday night, The Potboilers Trio (myself, Jeremy Dean and Al Hospers) played over at the Valley Tavern in North Conway.  After a semi-rough start, we fell into a really nice groove and pulled off some really cool stuff – including a kick-ass version of Whipping Post and a rendition of Superstition that morphed momentarily into a swing tune.  Awesome!  Every time I play music with these guys, I run out of superlatives.  It’s such a pleasure to work with these guys – and when we have Carl Iacozili on the drums, even better!!

Saturday morning, Shawn and I went for a hike up Peaked Mountain before we went off to our respective gigs.  His band, Audio Kickstand, was headlining Tom-A-Palooza over at Cranmore, and I played a regular house gig at the hotel at Hales.  It was a quiet night for me – but before I went off to work, I snuck over to hear JD play at Almost There in Albany.  We even sang “Lucky” together.  (He’s such a nice big brother.  He even came over to hear me after his gig.)

Today is Sunday, and I’m leaving shortly to play a trio gig for a private function at the big hotel at Bretton Woods.  It’s an outside affair, so I better bundle up.  Autumn has reared it’s head and brought that familiar September chill, so I better find my scarf before I leave.

My current mood is – I can’t wait for the proofs to arrive.  I can’t wait for the CD to be done.  I can’t wait for the CD release show.  I can’t wait to play another Potboilers gig.  I can’t wait to have more to write about… and I will next time.  Don’t let me forget to tell you about the Songwriters’ Showcase on Wednesday!