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Big news!  I finally approved the graphics for the CD booklet today (thanks for your patience, Gary!) and so now Make It Mine is on the home stretch to becoming a reality in the world.  I should have big boxes of CDs in about 3 or 4 weeks.  OK, let the countdown begin!  I already know I’m going to be a maniac, checking my phone and my e-mail every hour waiting for word that they’re done and ready to be unleashed on all you masses.

In the meantime, I’ve got plenty of performances to keep me busy!  Last night, Shawn and I had a great time performing at the St. Lawrence Arts Center’s Songwriters Showcase.  While it wasn’t attended as heavily as everyone had hoped, those who were there listened very intently to all of the performers, and overall I came away from it very pleased and excited to be sharing my new songs with new people!

Today is Thursday, and I’m hosting the open mic night at Bear Bonz BBQ in Naples, Maine from 6 to 9 tonight.  I know Nate is coming down for it, and I’m pretty sure I’ll see Steve as well.  I do hope Linda and Ed show up tonight, too.  It’s starting to look like it might be a rainy evening, so here’s to staying indoors, eating a yummy portabella burger and cranking out some rockin’ tunes tonight!