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Another gorgeous fall day is peeking through the windows and as soon as I finish this post, I’m going for a run.  This crisp autumn goodness only lasts so long up here in the Northeast, so I want to enjoy it while I can.

This coming week promises to be busy but a lot of fun, too.  Tonight I’ll be heading up to the Red Parka Pub for the Monday Night Open Mic Night, hosted by my fellow Potboiler Carl Iacozili.  The music starts around 9 and I’m looking forward to making some music with Carl, Shawn, Swamp Dog, and whomever else shows up.  I’m especially psyched for tonight because JD is coming down from Jefferson with Kenny, another bassist, and lots of ass gets kicked when JD and I share a stage together.  I’ve never played with Kenny, so it should be a fun night all around.  It’ll hopefully give me and Shawn and Carl a chance to jam out as The Lonely Onlys.  Can you believe that all 3 of us are only children?  No wonder we understand each other and get along so well.

Tuesday at this point looks like a day and evening off.  Who knows what will happen.  Hope the weather stays like this.

I’ll be in the studio this Wednesday afternoon with Nate Towne.  He’s working on his new disc and he’s invited me to lay down some piano tracks and probably a few harmony vocals as well.  His writing is really great, and he’s such a good friend, I’m only too happy to agree!  🙂

Thursday night I’ll be back at Bear Bonz BBQ in Naples hosting the open mic night.  I hope Nate turns up again.  He and I have such a great time playing together.  Big Bob Wallace came last week, too, and I just love his sea-shanty-type original tunes.  I missed Ed and Linda, though.  Hope you guys can make it this week!

I’ll be hosting the monthly Norway Open Mic Night on Friday, and then Saturday night HEPINATO plays at the 302 in Fryeburg.  I’m hoping, though, to get to the Black Mountain Arts & Foliage Festival over in Jackson during the day on the 25th.  I won’t get to hear Shawn and Carl’s band, Audio Kickstand, play (bummer!) but I’m hoping to catch some other great music in the afternoon.

And, during all this, I’m hanging up more posters and spreading the word about the CD release show next month and getting psyched for the arrival of Make It Mine!  Can you tell I’m just a little bit excited about how awesome life is right now?