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Sunday morning.  I should be getting ready for my church gig but instead I’m moved to write about the amazing weather.  Yesterday was a perfect day for a hike.  Shawn and I hiked the Boulder Loop trail and topped off our day with a late lunch perched on a rock by the raging Swift River.  Had a Hales Location gig last night, and I’ve not seen the dining room that busy in a while.  It was nice to be back.

Looks like I’m working chronologically backwards in this post.  Friday night was a bust – was supposed to play a Potboilers trio gig at the Valley Tavern but the owner cancelled all gigs.  Said it’s out of his hands.  Club must be closing?  Anyway, cancelled gigs are every musician’s bane of existence (besides drunk hecklers and mid-gig broken guitar strings) but to tell you the truth, it was kinda nice not having to rush off anywhere Friday night.

Thursday night was open mic at Bear Bonz, and we had a great session this week!  Nate, Harry, Ralph, Jeff and Jim all showed up, and some very fine blues was played.  Bob says, “One of these Thursdays, this thing is just going to take right off.”  It sure is getting there!  On my way home, I stopped in to see Linda and Ed and the folks over at the 302, and I ended up staying until nearly 12:00 midnight.  They hadn’t had many players, and so I decided to borrow Ed’s acoustic and play a few songs.  One nice gentleman at the bar came over and said, “I hate to intrude, but do you happen to know any Joni Mitchell?”  and I was only too happy to fill his request by singing “For Free”.  Turns out this guy is a middle school science teacher in the Bronx, and he and his wife have a place up here in Lovell.  He enjoyed my music so much that he was talking about making plans to come back for the CD release show on the 27th!  Whether that was he or the Vacationland talking, who’s to say?  But he really and truly was excited about my music, for which I’m always appreciative.

Today (Sunday) is also the first day of the Fryeburg Fair!  Oh, I love the fair so much.  I’ll be performing there on the Gazebo Stage this week on Wednesday afternoon (1, 2 and 3 pm) and Saturday morning (9, 10, and 11 am).  And this weather we’re having is perfect for just ambling around the grounds, breathing in the smell of French fries and blooming onions, admiring the quilts, marveling at 500+ pound pumpkins and the strength of farm animals, hearing music on stages all over the grounds, plenty of people-watching and, of course, the Hurdy Gurdy Man!  He’s by far my favorite thing about the fair.  How can I explain him?  He’s a one-man show, roaming about the fair for the entire 8 days of it, driving his little wagon, playing his saw, playing “statue”, and all the while accompanied by his little toy monkey and their dashing, matching wool suits.  If I can fight my way home through the traffic (which is always pretty bad during the whole week) I’d like to get over there this afternoon for a few hours to be a fair-goer rather than a fair-worker.

This coming week won’t just be hectic because of the fair.  I’ve also got 6 nights in a row of steady gigs, including hosting the open mic at the Red Parka tomorrow night and 3 nights in a row up in Bretton Woods.  Good thing this cold is pretty much beat.  And, according to my calculations anyway, I should be receiving Make It Mine this week too!

Happy fall, everyone.  See you at the fair?