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Just because Make It Mine hasn’t arrived on the doorstep yet doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to write about, right?

This past Thursday was Maine Songwriters Night down at the 302, and I showed up to see Linda and Ed and the rest of the gang.  Shawn played bass with me and I did some shameless self-promotion.  It worked – I sold more release show tickets and even gave away a pair for the trivia contest.  Scot won the tickets – after just paying me for two!  He assured me that he would pass them on to a deserving pair of concert-goers.  Oh, and I’ll be the feature at the next MSA Night, which is on November 11th.

Friday night was a rare night off for me, and I was about as lazy as I’ve been in ages.  It feels good to let the body be dormant once in a while.

I played Saturday night over at Hales, and it was quite busy indeed.  One gentleman who came up and tipped me was gracious enough to compare my style to that of a one Mr. Errol Garner.  I told him he was far too kind but that I sure did appreciate the kind words.  I was thinking about heading over to the Parka to see Jon Sarty and his White Mountain Boys but by the time 10:00-ish rolled around, I was ready to go home, get ready for Sunday and go for some shut-eye.  (Sorry you guys.)

Today is Sunday and we had the Harvest Concert at the Norway UU this afternoon at 2:00 p.m.  The choir did a few songs, as did I, Claire, Big Bob and Nate.  I love Claire’s original tune “Winter Clearly”.  What a great song about readying for the cold and the snow!  Bravo!  Bob, of course, was great as usual, serving up a few of his originals.  And Nate did his version of “California Dreamin'” which I thought was fantastic!  Bob, Nate and I did a version of John Prine’s “Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness” that really was sweet.  I did a couple of tunes from the new CD and my version of Autumn Leaves.  I was so proud of the choir, especially of Bernice and her solo!  Thanks to everyone who showed up.  I’m already looking forward to the big Earth Day Peace Concert event in the spring.

Eric just arrived – I’ve just served up some homemade lentil soup and whole wheat bread and we’re going to overhaul my website tonight!  The new look of heatherpierson.com will be revealed soon!  Stay tuned!