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Just 5 days to go before the big CD release show and I’m about ready to have an ulcer.  I spoke with the duplicators this morning who informed me that the booklets for the CDs are on a FedEx truck in Pennsylvania!  *gasp*  The assembly team is all in place and ready to put all those copies of Make It Mine together, they just need that artwork.  She assured me – promised me – that I’ll have product for the show, even if she has to drive it down here herself!  I know she’s not blowing smoke up my arse, but I’m still not going to sleep as soundly until I have those CDs in my hand.

So what to do in the meantime?  Rehearse and gig.

It’s been a full week.  On Monday and Tuesday night, I played a now-rare midweek stretch over at Hales for the Fantasy Tour folks, who come visit the Valley every year from their native Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.  It was awesome to see Gene again and especially Paul, my favorite tour bus driver in the world!  They are headed home today, just as the strong winds that are now roaring outside pull the last of the leaves off of the trees.  Good timing for them, I’d say.  Shawn may be excited for the arrival of (dare I even type this word) SNOW, but not I!  Despite the fact that I just bought myself this really awesome North Face winter coat, I’m still dreading the arrival of the white stuff.  Shawn, however, is determined to make a snowboarder out of me this winter.  We’ll see how that goes.  He is an instructor, after all, so I should at least give it a whirl, right?

So after playing at Hales on Tuesday night, I went up to Hoot Night at the Wildcat Tavern and played a few tunes with my fellow Potboilers Al and JD, with Alan sitting on drums.  Good times.  I even got to play a few tunes with Shawn and Swamp Dog, who is looking very much the part of a wild mountain man these days with the full beard.  Lookin’ good, Ken!

Wednesday night I was really torn between going to see Rek’-lis at Delaney’s or going to Top Of The Ninth to support Jon Sarty’s new host post at their open mic night.  I opted for the latter, and got to play a lot of music that night, both solo and with Jon and with Scot.  Thanks, Jon!  I won’t be there again next week (obviously! heh) but I will be back for sure!

Last night I was back in my regular hosting job at Bear Bonz BBQ.  I’m sad that Bob isn’t working there anymore, but Meg is really really cool and she’s got the most awesome Corpse Bride tattoo ever.  Steve, Ralph and Jeff all showed up again, and a new guy named Phil who could bang a mean conga.  Steve and his wife will be heading south for the winter pretty soon, so it’s fun to get a chance to hear and play with him a bit more before they go.

On the way home last night I stopped in at the 302 to see Ed and Linda and check out the scene there.  What a great night!  When I walked in, a guy named Chris was singing Jethro Tull and a woman was rockin’ it out with a flute.  No joke, it was fantastic!  Lots of new faces, and Ed and Linda were kind enough to let me sing a few.  I also learned that Bob, the owner at the 302, is going to be literally running the show at his place on Wednesday so that most of the staff can have the night off to come to my CD release show!  I gave him a big hug and thanked him for being so gracious and half-jokingly apologized for causing such a big staffing issue!  If only everyone could have a boss as cool as he.

Tonight begins the HEPINATO fall tour!  Well, ha, not really a full fledged tour, but 2 nights in a row playing music with Nate is a very awesome thing that deserves to be celebrated.  We’ll be rocking Bear Bonz tonight and then be back at the 302 on Saturday night.

One thing for sure is I need to be careful with my voice and my energy level over the next few days.  The last thing I need on top of the ulcer is a case of laryngitis.  Heh.  When things get down to the wire like this, all that’s left to do is just let go and trust that everything will work out, and I’m sure it will.

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Thanks for all the love and support!