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With the days getting shorter and the temperatures nudging close to wintertime range, the idea of taking the good with the bad keeps coming to mind.   I love my New England home, don’t get me wrong… but I’m not a huge fan of winter.  Shawn is determined to make me fall in love with snow and ice and frosty weather, so I’ve promised to take the snowboarding plunge at least once this winter.

Another good with bad – I’m sorry to report that Bear Bonz BBQ in Naples has closed its doors until at least the first of the year.  Bummer!  I’ve so enjoyed hosting the open mic there on Thursday nights and I’m going to miss seeing Jeff and Ralph and all the rest of the gang there every week.  The good side, though, is that I’m glad I got the chance to connect with these musicians and hopefully will be seeing them at other venues!  Ralph has been to the Norway Open Mic Night and I’ve seen Jeff more than once at the 302, so I have no doubt that I’ll be seeing more of them again soon!

Speaking of the 302, I was the feature at Maine Songwriters Night last week and I think the set went pretty well.  There was a really good crowd in the house and Shawn joined me for the latter half of the set.  I really love the bass lines he’s been coming up with for my tunes.  They are so.. tasty!  He and I also had a good time playing at the Mayo Street Arts showcase last Wednesday.   We heard some really wonderful and talented songwriters that night.  Looking forward to playing in that space again, too!

Tonight wraps up a three-nights-in-a-row run up at Bretton Woods.  It’s awfully quiet there this time of year, so I’ve been playing solo.  Last night I hit the open mic at the Red Parka on my way home and tonight I’ll be swinging by Hoot Night at the Wildcat.  Two nights in a row playing music with my big brother JD is too good a thing to pass up.

Wow, it’s getting late.  I feel like I have so much more to tell you, but it’ll have to wait for another post.  Oh, and before I go, take a peek at this great video that my friend Pat Quinn put together from photos that she took at the CD release show.   Enjoy!