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This will be short and sweet – it’s just shy of midnight and we’re getting up in just a few short hours to take a drive up to the Grand Canyon in the morning!

Today, we went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History over in Mesa.  It was very cool and very interesting and Evan had a blast.  We saw dinosaur bones, fossils, rocks, crystals, Hohokam displays, the Lost Dutchmen Mine, and Evan even dug up some dinosaur bones and panned for gold, too.  I took a bunch of pictures, of course.

We headed home for lunch, and I had my mind settled on visiting the Phoenix Art Museum tonight to take advantage of their free Friday night admissions, but while I was talking to Shawn on Skype and browsing the web, I read that the one and only Pinetop Perkins was performing tonight at a place called The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, so that was kind of a no-brainer.  I just got home from the show and it was a really great time.  The house band – The Rhythm Room All-Stars – were tight as hell.  They played one opening set, then a second set with Mr. Perkins.  Just 20 bucks to see a living legend, at age 97.  Sure, his chops aren’t what they used to be, but boy, he sure can draw ’em in and keep ’em dancin’ and hootin’ and hollerin’.   And he had the coolest socks on of anyone else in that bar.  Go look at the pictures!

Sweet dreams, all y’all.  I can’t wait to see that giant hole in the ground tomorrow.