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Despite the fact that the temperatures were near 80 today, I decided that this would be a better day spent indoors at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.  We spent several hours there and every moment was absolutely captivating.  Every continent and nearly every country were represented with indigenous instruments.  Zithers, drums, lutes, lyres, harpsichords, gongs, whistles, flutes, drums, guitars, bagpipes – you name it, they have it.  The whole experience was both informative and moving beyond belief.  Of course, I took many photos and was especially moved (of course!) by the Steinway piano display.  Equally touching and goosebump-inducing was the display of the very piano on which John Lennon composed Imagine.  There was a three-string octobasse on display whose lowest tone is 15 Hz.  Craziness!   It’s so huge that you need to stand on a small ladder to actually play it.  The Experience Gallery was really fun – I got to play a harp, a couple of djembes, a huge gong, a gamelan, several balafons and, lastly, a theremin!  They even had a cafe in which I was able to order a vegan meal for lunch.  A fantastic museum to which I will most definitely return one day!

After driving home and checking in with the boys, Meteena and I ate a quick supper and headed back into Phoenix to The Blooze for their Sunday Night Blues Jam, hosted by the Rocket 88s.  What a great time I had!  Bill, Suzy, David, Colonel Dave and the rest of the gang were very cool and I’m hoping to make it over to their open mic at The Rhythm Room this Tuesday night as well.  The club owner is a big imposing-looking dude who goes by the name Tumbleweed and he is one hell of a harp player.  Thanks you guys!  I had a fantastic time!  (And Meteena snapped a bunch of photos!)

Tomorrow morning I’m bringing Evan to storytime at his library a few blocks over so that Mom and Dad can run errands and finish Christmas shopping.  Tomorrow night there is a jazz jam at The Rhythm Room that I’m thinking about going to.  In between, who knows?  Lost Dog Trail, maybe?   Anything in the sun is good – I’ll be back in the wintery temps soon enough so I better not let any sunshine go to waste over the next 3 days.