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Today is Friday the 14th, and if you were hoping to catch me at a show this coming weekend, I’m afraid to say that I will no longer be playing at Top Of The Ninth in Fryeburg (long story, don’t ask – let’s just say that the owner and I have differing ideas about what constitutes a good business relationship), and JD and I lost our gig for this Sunday night at Wildcat Tavern due to a double-booking error.  Double bummer.  I am still playing at 302 tonight with Nate, which I’m really looking forward to!   We haven’t played there as HEPINATO in a while, so it will be a good time!   I certainly could use a kick in the pants to help me shake these winter blahs.   Tomorrow, I’ll be playing with Jeremy at SaVoir Flare, Berlin NH’s hottest new bookstore/cool hang-out from 1 to 3 p.m.  Stop by if you’re up in the North Country tomorrow!

So, there are the road bumps.. now on to planning the road trips!  Plans are in place to hit Chicago next month and check out the open mic scene in that fair city.  And the latest news is… I’ll be travelling to Lake Geneva, WI in March to be an exhibitor and presenter at the 2011 Great Lakes Regional Music Therapy Conference.  I was contacted by the weekend’s keynote speaker, who tells me that she has been using my music in her practice for several years.  After some back-and-forth correspondence with her, I’ve made plans to travel to be at the conference!  I’m very excited about this opportunity and am grateful for the chance to further share my music with that great big beautiful world out there.

It’s getting about time for me to hit the road and get to the gig.  Hope you’re in where it’s snug and warm.