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It’s a sleepy Monday morning here in my neck of the woods.   The sun is quite beautiful, though, and if it gets warm enough later today, I hope to go for a nice long run.

What a great weekend!  Last Thursday morning, I dropped in to do an interview with Elihu over at WUPH Radio to promote the new disc (go check the schedule and have a listen!).  Then later that same night, Shawn and I hosted the open mic night at Ledgends Pub up in Gorham and we had a great time!  JD showed up and did a few tunes with us and we met a great drummer named Matty Bowman.  Great chops and we got to do some really cool jazz tunes at the end of the night.  Bruce blew some horn again (he’s so great!) and Daniel and Justin rounded out the night.  Good turnout – I think the idea is finally catching on.  One of Shawn’s teachers from high school was there and at the end of the night he declared that this was “some of the best music that’s ever been played in Gorham.”  Awesome!  I was certainly glad to be a part of that.   I’m torn about this coming Thursday, though.  I’ve not been over to see Bob and the gang at the 302 in a while, so it may be time to skip a week of driving through Pinkham Notch and just head down the street to make music with Linda and Ed.

Friday night was the Norway Open Mic Night’s 9th Anniversary Bash and what a fantastic night it was!  There was the usual cast of characters – including Nate and Harry  – and also some new faces, both on stage and in the audience, too.  There are, of course, photos to look at.  I gave away a lot of stupid prizes, played some jazz with Shawn (his first time there and he loved it!) and finished out the night HEPINATO style.  Mardy even wrote a poem for the occasion.  I also streamed the show to a total of 45 online viewers!  Awesome!  Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a night to remember.

After such a busy and exciting week, I was feeling pretty run down on Saturday, so I subbed out my night at Hales and stayed in and got some much needed rest (I still can’t believe how much I slept).  Good thing, too, because I had lots of energy for our show over at River’s Edge Tavern in West Ossipee.  It was a Heather Pierson Band show – me, Shawn and Jeremy – and I had more fun in those 2 1/2 hours that we played than I’ve had in ages.  What could be better than to play music with my 2 favorite people on the planet to an audience that is actually listening and really digging it?  Nothing, that’s what.  I sold a bunch of CDs, too, and signed every single one of them.  Tavern owner Jonathan Rivers treated us like royalty and was super appreciative of our show and I can’t wait til next time!

Right now, sitting here thinking back on and writing about the weekend, I’m struck by how lucky I am to be doing what I do for a living and also how cool it is to find such hidden gems everywhere, every day.  Appreciative listeners, new faces and talents – everywhere you look, you can find something amazing.  I’m even starting to see the beauty in the snow that keeps piling up outside.  (I better get used to it, too – there’s a bunch more headed our way this week!)

Time for lunch, methinks.  Oh, and go and have a look at my newest uploads on YouTube!  Since my last blog post, I’ve posted a few tunes from the Stone Mountain show, including this sweet version of Dust Bowl Romance:

Thanks as always, everyone, for your love and support.