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On our first full day here in the city, we did some grocery shopping in the morning, then set out for downtown in the afternoon.  We had a late lunch at the legendary Gino’s for some deep dish pizza.  Mighty tasty, and almost every surface was covered with graffiti.  I couldn’t resist the urge to self-promote with a couple of well-placed heatherpierson.com tags on the walls, including one underneath an autographed photo of Jack Nicholson.

With our bellies full of fuel, we had the energy needed to walk around downtown taking in the sites, including stopping by the House Of Blues club to see who was playing (Slash – and the show was sold out) and a fantastic performance from a street musician who blew some amazing clarinet.  After a lot of walking, gawking and picture-snapping, we went to the John Hancock Center and enjoyed (?) an ear-popping ride in the super-fast elevator up to the 96th floor observatory for a beverage and a chance to stare out at the amazing view of the city.

Are there pictures?  Well of course there are.  You can click here to take a look.

Tomorrow, we’re planning on heading back to downtown to check out the Willis Tower (better and formerly known as the Sears Tower), the Navy Pier, Chicago Music Exchange (hopefully they can recommend some good open mics, too) and we need to find a good comedy club!  Many SNL cast members got their start and were discovered in the Chicago comedy club circuit.  Of course it’s Valentine’s Day, too, but I don’t care about any of that and neither does Shawn – another of the many awesome things we have in common.