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Another awesome day in the Windy City.  Shawn and I went into downtown today to check out a place called Chicago Music Exchange after he found their website.  I think we were both thinking, “Yeah, it’ll be a cool place with some old guitars and amps and stuff” but holy crap were we blown away!  The place is like a museum – except you get to touch everything!  Walls and walls and walls of vintage acoustic and electric guitars and basses.  The only bummer was there was only one piano – an out of tune baby grand with a “Please don’t play the piano” sign on it – which I swiftly ignored and played anyway.   The staff enjoyed it, though.   🙂

We were in absolute heaven in this place, Shawn especially.  He got to try out all kinds of basses – including one sweet sounding upright in the climate-controlled acoustic guitar room.  You name it, it was there – Hofners, Fenders, Gibsons, PRSs, Rickenbackers, Martins, Taylors, Ovations… man oh man oh MAN this place was amazing!  Once we felt we had finally seen it all, we left and went walking through Roscoe Village, a fantastically quaint little part of Chicago.  We walked down Belmont in search of a place called Andy’s Music.  We did finally find it, only to discover that they are closed on Mondays.  Oh well.  We checked out a few other little places (including this really cool place called Bleeding Heart – a bakery that sells “local, sustainable, punk rock pastry”) and had a quick pit stop lunch at Whole Foods before heading back to Georgi’s.

After some relaxation and homemade dinner, we headed out to see the Patricia Barber Quartet at a place called Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, hailed as the best jazz club in Chicago.  Boy, were they right.  What an amazing show.  All four of them are some of the best musicians I’ve ever heard (the drummer especially – Eric Montzka – what a monster!!).  Definitely worth the struggle of trying like hell to find a place to park (only to find out we could have parked in that lot directly behind the venue… ).  To give you a taste of her and of the venue, check out this video:

What a full and fantastic day!  Time to hit the hay.  My cough is still with me and if I want to regain my voice and sing at open mics while I’m here, I best get some shut-eye.