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As another mix of wintry madness settles down onto the frozen landscape and the plow guy clears the driveway yet again, I am daydreaming about warm weather again – about the amazing radiance of the Arizona desert, of the balmy swamp-smelling air of the French Quarter of New Orleans, of, pretty much, anywhere but here.  Hell, it was even warmer in Chicago, and that’s the freakin’ Windy City.  And, being as antithetical as I am to all things snow, I am once again confined to the indoors, nursing myself yet again back to health from another stinker of a cold bug.  But, as they say, the show must go on, and this week, although not nearly as busy as last week, is still one to be reckoned with:

Tuesday, March 1st

I’m on the fence about going to Hoot Night at the Wildcat Tavern in Jackson, NH.  I really want to go because Matty and Pinkerton are rumored to be in attendance (and I tried like hell to convince JD but no dice) but if I’m not feeling better I may not be going anywhere tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 2nd

The Potboilers Trio (myself, Jeremy Dean and Al Hospers) will be playing at Delaney’s Hole In The Wall in North Conway, NH from 9:00 to midnight.

Thursday, March 3rd

I’ll most likely be showing up at the 302 in Fryeburg, ME for open mic night.  I haven’t seen Ed and Linda and the gang for a while so I need to get my fix!  Plus I think Carl is going, so that’s a bonus.

Friday, March 4th

I’ll be part of a fundraiser dinner for Danny Toumarkine, a North Conway snowboarder who was very seriously injured on a film shoot in Montana earlier this winter.  The dinner is taking place at the Red Jacket in North Conway.  For more details, click here.

Saturday, March 5th

It’s a doubleheader!  First, I’ll be performing a short solo set at The Gelato Fiasco on Maine St. in Brunswick, ME starting at 3:30 for their 26th Song Fest, hosted by Dave Bullard.  Then later that evening, HEPINATO (myself and Nate Towne) will be playing at Tucker’s Music Pub in Norway, ME from 8 to 11 p.m.

That’s it for now.  Time to get some more shut-eye.  Thanks again, as always, friends, for your love for me and support of what I do.