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Well… I don’t know what to think.

I felt like a celebrity this morning at the gas station, where a man pointed out my New Hampshire tags to his preschool-aged daughter and said, “Look at that, hun – we’ve never seen a New Hampshire license plate before!”  He was especially taken with the “Live Free Or Die” motto.  He asked me, “Is that personalized?”  I said, “No, all the plates back home say that.”  He smiled and shook his head and said, “That’s really awesome.”

After getting over the initial shock and confusion last night and settling into my renewed sense of purpose, I felt so encouraged.  Making new connections, meeting great people, selling a bunch of CDs.  Today, though, is a different story.  Most attendees have been “in session” all day so the exhibit hall has been slow.  I’ve met a lot of really nice people who have all been stopping by my table and checking out my music but sales are not nearly what I’d hoped.  I’ve been oscillating between wanting to get up and “leave right f***ing now!” and feeling like “well I’ve met some great people, maybe I’ll meet some more.”  I can’t tell if I’m just hopeful, a sucker, a victim of wishful thinking, stubborn, or what.

At least my lunch was good.  There are two – count them, two – vegans here at the conference (that includes me, finding ourselves trapped in what the Wisconsin license plates call “America’s Dairyland”).  I had a salad and a totally kick-ass couscous and portabella mushroom dish and a fruit cup for dessert.  Then back to the exhibit hall, where traffic was sporadic all day.

Things are winding down now.  The exhibit hall is closing and I’m so ready to get back to my hotel and put on my jammies and eat lots of snacks and talk to my support team back home.  Pounding the pavement is tough business.  I’m starting to wonder if I need a manager to do all this stuff for me!  That live performance would’ve helped so much… but I can’t dwell on that now.  I don’t want to be bitter.  I know it sounds very trite but it’s true – you gotta make the best of what life deals out to you.