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Not much to report this morning.  Our flights were smooth, the weather in Portland was lousy when we got in (further adding to my melancholy about leaving New Orleans) and Matty (with his sweet little dog Arbor) picked us up and brought us home, giving Shawn just enough time to turn right around and play a gig with Dan and Ryan at Delaney’s in North Conway.  I settled right in with my cool weather jammies, threw all my laundry in the washer, made some dinner and hung out with Tina before entering a deep sleep coma on the couch.

This morning, it’s still cold, rainy and dreary.  I have to go pick up my mail, meet up with Nate today and pick up some my gear for open mic at Ledgends Pub in Gorham tonight and try in general to get back into the swing of things.

Tina remarked last night about how “fun” it was to “follow someone else’s vacation”.  I hope you all enjoyed it.  I certainly had a blast both experiencing it all and sharing it with you.  Spring is here, the snow is all gone (except of course up in the extreme elevations) and I’m ready to bring that New Orleans vibe to the North Country!