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So much has happened since my last post, I’m not sure where to begin!  I left off with the news that we were travelling to New Mexico to play a house concert in Mesilla, just outside of Las Cruces.  What a fabulous night it was (complete with one of the most beautiful sunsets I can ever remember seeing)!  Thanks so much to Lee for making it all happen, to Leslie for graciously hosting the concert and for putting us up for the night, and to the warm and friendly folks who came out for an evening of music, food, and friendship.  We made so many new friends and we’re already looking forward to next time!

After we left Mesilla, we headed back to the Phoenix area for some down time before our next (and current) adventure – a trip west to San Diego!  Neither Shawn nor I had ever seen the Pacific Ocean so we decided to take the drive west to see it.  It has been a gorgeous couple of days here – as I type this, I can still smell the salty air (I can’t believe how much I missed that!) on my clothes.  The sunshine is glorious.  The sound of all that water in motion is so intoxicating.  After all our time in the desert, my skin and hair love it here (and so does the rest of me!).   We’ve spent many hours walking on the sand on Mission Beach – and I even rented a bicycle so I could roll right along with Shawn on his longboard on the 3.5 mile boardwalk!   We spent Wednesday night hopping around the Gaslamp Quarter and Thursday night we headed down to the South Park area after an amazing Indian dinner to play a few songs at Rebecca’s Coffeehouse.  We made some more new friends and have sworn that we must come back to this amazing place again someday.  (Have you seen the daily updates and photos on www.facebook.com/HeatherPiersonMusic?  Or perhaps you prefer to follow @HeatherPierson on Twitter.)

Soon after I finish typing this, we’ll take one last look at the Pacific before we head back to the desert for more time with our friends there before our adventures begin to wind down.  Many thanks to all of you for your continued love, enthusiasm and support!  Without it – and without you – I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this amazing time in my life.  Thanks so much!