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After my cross-country adventures with Shawn at the start of this year, I’m so excited to be back home reconnecting with friends, working on new songs, living life to the fullest and loving every moment of it!

During our time in the Southwest, we performed house concerts in Arizona and New Mexico.  Have you ever attended – or perhaps hosted – a house concert?  I really love them, both as a performer and as a listener.   A house concert is a very unique and heartwarming experience that allows artists and audiences to connect and get to know each other. These events are so much fun, and so memorable and intimate, that it’s a growing national trend among DIY artists like myself to book more and more house concerts.  (No living room is too small – all you need is enough space for me to do my thing – if you have a piano, that’s even better! – and for as many or as few friends as you’d like to invite to attend for a small ticket price.)

Curious?  Interested?  Read this free guide for more of the ins and outs and to find out how to become a fabulous host! http://bit.ly/cKQzQm

Here are some of the areas that I’ll be visiting soon:

  • New Jersey at the end of March
  • New Orleans in mid-June
  • Northern Massachusetts in August and September
  • Maine, NH and VT – that’s home base!

I’d love to come and play for you and your friends in your home, so please contact me if you are interested.  We can compare calendars and decide when I could be in your area.  (Or, perhaps you can’t host but have a friend who’d be willing and able to.  If that’s the case, feel free to share this message with them if you’d like.)

Hope to hear from you soon – and thanks!  🙂