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Allow me to first apologize for the brevity of this post. (Or perhaps I should say, “Be thankful for the brevity of this post.”) I am reporting to you from Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in Hillsdale, NY. I am attending this amazing festival for the first time and trying my best to blog about it on my iPhone.

I am camped at Pirate Camp with Stu and a bunch of other lovely folks, some of whom I met last fall at NERFA. I’ve brought a hand drum, my melodica and the old Gibson. There is no electricity at any of the campsites so Stu even has set up a battery powered keyboard for me to play.

Since my arrival on Thursday evening, it’s been an incredible experience of community, sharing and love of music and of living gently and in harmony. There have been communal meals, song swaps, periods of rain, fog, and golden sunbeams that could break your heart.


I will be here until tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, when I will leave here having made a few new friends and my heart fuller, my mind richer, and ready to get back at it.