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Like most of you, dear readers and friends, I know a lot of married folks.  People get married for different reasons – family pressures, the arrival and/or anticipation of children, convenience, economics – and then there is this thing called love…

You never know when it will happen – and when it does, it’s like lightning, isn’t it?  No wonder so much art is devoted to its mysteries.

This morning, I’m on my way to Maine to sing at the wedding of two very dear friends.  They’ve been together for over 20 years.  Theirs is a love that is inspiring, a happiness that is truly contagious.  Whenever I see the two of them together, I can’t help but smile.

Some might say that these two shouldn’t bother tying the knot.  After all, they’ve been together this long – why now?

Why indeed.

You see, my friends that are getting married today are both women – and now, in the state of Maine, they are finally able to marry each other and no longer have to suffer the indignity of being legal strangers to one another.

And I think that’s awesome.

In my musical career, I’ve performed for countless wedding ceremonies, rehearsals, dinners and receptions.   A handful of them have been same-sex couples, and I can assure you that, from where I sit at the piano, nothing is amiss.  There is love, affection, tenderness, adoration, reverence.

You know. All the good stuff.

When lightning strikes, there is no denying the fire.  Love knows no boundaries.  Why should we?

At this point, perhaps you find yourself disagreeing with me, with my sentiments, with the concept of gay marriage – and that’s okay really, so long as your feelings don’t inspire hateful action.  But if you are in disagreement with me, just imagine for a moment if you were told that the love and affection you feel for your partner is illegal, sinful, wrong.  How would you feel?

Many point to the Judeo-Christian bible, claiming that within its pages is an admonition against it.  Well, that same bible also says it’s okay to own slaves and even sets out guidelines for their sale and treatment. And did you know that it also says it’s an “abomination” to eat shellfish? Wow. Can you imagine what would happen to Maine tourism if somehow that were worked into law?

Seriously though. What about to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  What about live and let live?  What about compassion?  What about love?

Just as we humans look back in horror at the injustices of racism and sexism and see how far we’ve come in our ever-evolving humanity, I am hopeful that one day, too, we will look back and realize the extent of our error in trying to put arbitrary boundaries on human love.