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Technically, it is Saturday morning as I type these words – 1:27 a.m.

Nah.  It’s Friday night.  I haven’t slept yet.

You caught me.  I very often type my weekly blog post on Friday afternoon or evening, then revisit it Saturday morning before I hit “publish”.  Shawn even says, every week, “How’s your Friday musing coming along?”

He’s not with me this time and I really miss him.

As I type, I’m lying in a small strange bed, propped up by pillows I don’t know, under an unfamiliar ceiling in Providence.   I can still hear the voices of my hosts lingering from the kitchen; dirty glasses and empty bottles clinking together as they are gathered into the sink; bare feet padding across the creaky dining room floorboards; a single cricket outside the window.  My belly is full and I’m tired.  A good tired.  My face hurts a little from laughing and smiling so much.

I was invited here to perform for a house concert with another songwriter (the son of my hosts).   House concerts have become a more regular part of my life in the last couple of years and I have to say that tonight’s was really top notch.   Great gathering of attentive listeners, wonderful food and conversation, an awesome warm vibe.

After all of the guests left, we sat around the living room playing instruments softly, tentatively, batting around ideas; then, as we became more comfortable with one another, the music grew in volume, exuberance and intensity.  We laughed.  We exclaimed.  We sang.  We listened.  We shared.

Even after all the traveling I’ve done all over the country playing house concerts, I am always left with this thought: what amazes me is the trust.  That people are willing to open their doors and their homes to me – to anyone – is such an incredible gift.   These folks here in Rhode Island only met and heard me once, at a songwriting competition in Florida last January, the same one in which their songwriter son had participated, and then they reached out to me.  Not only that, but this is the very first house concert they’ve hosted.  I hope that my humble musical offerings are enough to deserve their generosity.  

Before tonight, we were virtual strangers to one another.

Now, I feel like one of the family.

It’s amazing what music can do.