I’m not typically one who climbs aboard bandwagons. This propensity towards the path not usually taken has meant that I’m usually a little behind the times on pretty much every aspect of popular culture – fashion, movies, TV, idioms, etc.

So, while my social media newsfeeds have been awash since November 1st with daily declarations of gratitude, I can’t help but think: shouldn’t every month be gratitude month?

Even as trendy as the month of gratitude may be, I do think it is a good way to help remind people to get into that mindset. Gratitude is, at its best, a selfless expression of appreciation for the good stuff in one’s life.

Even the celebration of Thanksgiving as a national holiday is dubious, given what happened to that peaceful accord between Europeans and native Americans: for what, exactly, did those tribal people have to be grateful once their lands, their wives, their children, their health, their Eden, had been taken from them? Besides what was left of their lives? Not a whole hell of a lot.

Today, most thoughtful people can appreciate how terrible an injustice it was and is even as they tuck in to their roast turkey, bread crumb stuffing and pumpkin pie. Those were the sins of another generation. The cycle ends now.

Let’s hope so, eh?

I say: live in such a way that others are grateful for your existence. That’s my goal – this month and every month thereafter.