So, I finally finished something yesterday that I’ve been wanting to finish for a while and I’m excited to share the idea with all y’all, in hopes that others might want to do the same thing.

A while back I saw a video on wimp.com about a couple that puts together and distributes backpacks to the homeless and I was inspired to do the same.  (I blogged about it, too, which you can read here if you missed it.)

I found two backpacks for a buck fifty each at the Conway Humane Society thrift shop.  I filled them with the following items that I purchased at the following prices at Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Christmas Tree Shop:


1 bar of soap – 33¢
1 travel size first aid kit – $1
1 1oz bottle of hand sanitizer – 53¢
1 1oz deodorant – $1
1 roll of toilet paper – 25¢
1 toothbrush – $1
1 6oz toothpaste – $1
2 16.9oz bottles of spring water – 33¢
1 travel size pack of hand wipes – 33¢
1 comb – 8¢
1 microfiber wash cloth – 33¢
1 pair of mens socks – 33¢


1 stainless steel dinner spoon – 50¢
2 granola bars – 50¢
2 fruit snack pouches – 40¢
1 4.75oz can of Vienna sausages – 50¢
1 10oz plastic jar of peanut butter – $1
1 package of peanut butter crackers – $1
1 travel pack of Kleenex – 19¢
1 knit scarf – donated from me (I didn’t need so many scarves)


1 4oz bottle of bubbles (I couldn’t resist adding a little fun) – 42¢


All this, plus the backpack, totals $12.52 for one backpack that could turn someone’s life around, or at least get them over the hump maybe?


I have a bunch of things left over to start future backpacks. Right now, I have two complete packs. For now, I plan to keep one of these backpacks in the car until I see someone that needs one. I do a lot traveling, and I’ve certainly met people who could’ve benefited from something like this. Next time I’ll be ready.


I hope this inspires others to do the same or, at the very least, to pass this idea along.

Thanks for reading.