I could write about how beautiful the sunset was the other night, and how the still water of the pond perfectly reflected it.

I could write about how grateful I am that a couple of people I love came through a car accident this week unscathed.

I could write about one of the four moose I saw in Pinkham Notch on Thursday night – the one I nearly hit with my car!

I could write about how awesome it was to meet and spend some time with some folks in person that Shawn and I first met online last year during a live-stream.

I could write about the vegan dark chocolate sweet potato Needham candy we had for dessert last night. (It was absolutely delicious!)

I could write about the photo that Shawn texted me of a hummingbird that passed right before his face and visited the flowers next to his chair outside. (I’m bummed that I missed it!)

I could write about both my excitement and my anxiety about getting back on the road and touring with the Acoustic Trio next month.

I could write about how much I enjoyed watching our housemates’ dog rolling around in the grass the other day.

I could write about all of these things… but I suppose I oughta choose just one of them and focus on that.

Maybe next time.