Here’s the recipe for all of my childhood Thanksgivings:

  • turkey
  • stuffing
  • smashed potatoes (thanks, Archie Bunker)
  • green beans
  • beer and wine coolers
  • cigarette smoke
  • snow on the ground
  • sitting in my favorite chair with a plateful of food balanced in my lap
  • dogs begging and drooling
  • cats pretending not to care
  • football on the old CRT box
  • music on the stereo after the game is over
  • the boxes of Christmas decorations coming down from the attic
  • early to bed with a book, even if there were no arguments or blowouts

My recipe really hasn’t changed too much. Sure, some of the ingredients these days are different, but all the essentials are still there:

  • delicious food that’s been cooking all day
  • people and animals that I love
  • the din of music
  • an eye to the sky
  • a comfy place to sit and take it all in

Food and music best served hot; friends and furniture are best if they’re warm and inviting.

Here’s wishing you a heart full of gratitude and a belly full of whatever floats your (gravy) boat.