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Our show on Saturday night in Framingham was cancelled because of Mother Nature, and though I was sad that our fantastic run of shows this year ended with such a whimper, I was also grateful for an easy, early night. (And we have one more private show tonight, so all is well.)

I was really excited on Sunday morning when I opened the shades and the brilliance of the first significant snowfall came streaming through the windows. It got me thinking about snowshoeing through the silent and tranquil woods just a stone’s throw from our door.

We bundled up and took our regular afternoon walk around the neighborhood, and wow, was it cold – and wow, was it beautiful!

And yes, I am certain at some point I will begin complaining about winter – about the sustained cold temperatures against which we must bundle and layer to the point of being unable to move (like this kid), the hazards it presents while driving, and of course all the dealing with the containment of it on vehicles, in the driveway, and on the footpaths. (Ah hell, who am I kidding on that last point? Shawn and Ryan do most of that maintenance around here anyway, as well as the plows and sand and salt trucks that faithfully do their level best to keep us all safe. And wow, am I grateful for all of that, too.)

For now, I will savor every moment of beauty – including the return of more daylight starting this week, YES! – and wait for the next snowfall to inspire me to get the snowshoes out of the garage.

May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white