Hey there, faithful readers.  It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks, as you no doubt figured from my last post—and with all the news from the world, there’s so much going on, internally and externally. 

I hope to resume this blog later this summer.

I’ve been writing up a storm lately, though, processing a thousand and one things, and I’m feeling a need for radio silence on this particular channel for a bit.  After a month on the road, Shawn and I are heading home tomorrow, and then we will both be on silent retreat for a few days in early July.  We both have a full calendar this summer—lots of shows closer to home, recording plans, rehearsals, and other assorted projects.  

It’s time to take some time.

I’m grateful as ever for your open eyes, ears, and hearts.  I’ll still be posting new songs and poetry to Patreon every Monday and Thursday.

Here’s wishing you happiness and joy, strength and ease, freedom from suffering, and peace.