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It’s been raining nearly nonstop here in northern New England. ‘Tis the season for those April showers, and when I got up on this very wet, gray, first morning of May, I felt a longing for more flowers than I’ve been seeing. Then, as soon as that thought appeared, I reflected on the past week and remembered that those blooms don’t always have to appear in the garden. There were lots of gorgeous flowers that appeared like breaks in the clouds this past week, and here are just a few:

  • I started composing a brand new vocal piece that I tried out at Sunday’s community sing, and hearing something like that take shape out in the real world is always such a thrill!
  • Shawn and I went exploring in our neighborhood the other day and spotted a pair of loons on the pond! We’ve only seen one loon at a time the last couple of years, and it warmed my heart to see the pair together diving for fish.
  • And speaking of birds, I had such a blast watching a lone yellow bellied sapsucker working on the maple tree in the side yard the other day. And, I heard my first vireo of the year, too!
  • On Sunday evening, we attended a local show that included the appearance of a beloved student performing with her brothers, who received a thunderous ovation – and then at intermission, I randomly reconnected with an old friend when the two of us least expected it.
  • While searching for something else on YouTube the other day, I happened upon a video of one of my songs being sung in the UK to help folks in memory care units. I was already aware that this group, Shared Harmonies, was using this particular song in this way, and still, what a beautiful surprise to hear it in action!
  • Did I mention the shipping notification I received for the arrival of the second Heart Songs & Circle Songs CD, slated for tomorrow??

There are at least a hundred more instances like this from just this past week alone – these rays of sunshine piercing through the clouds to remind me of the necessity of a balance between sun and rain to keep the soil fertile enough for the seeds of all these experiences to take root and find their way towards the light. It’s easy (for me, anyway) to allow doubt, impatience, and frustration to cloud the mind and obscure the beauty that is always available, always unfolding, always appearing just as it is. And I am learning, one week and day and moment at a time, to observe life just as it is, all while paying attention to the attitude of mind without defaulting to the old habits of self-judgment.

Here’s wishing you a week full of beautiful blooms that are unfolding at their own pace!