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This past week on the road has been a whirlwind. Shawn and I have covered thousands of miles of ground across this vast, beautiful country, and at every stop along the way, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of adding a dimension to all kinds of relationships and experiences:

What a joy it was to sing in person with Chris in Columbus, Kmbris in Wenatchee, and Sarah in Kingston. What a joy to hear their voices in person, to see each of them step out of a tiny Zoom square and into real life!

We waited in line for two hours for the Edmonds ferry to carry us across Puget Sound to Kingston. I’ve seen photos of this crossing, of how the mountains to the west rise above the sound like a jawful of jagged white teeth, but what a thrill to be able to add the dimension of sound – the hum of the boat and the splashing of the wake; the chatter of excited tourists and children; the cries of sea birds; the wind in our ears; the bump of the ferry boat against the dock; the starting up of dozens of vehicles making their exit.

We spent some precious time with GwenEllyn in Salem – someone we only have known online – and there we were, standing at her door, hugging her, sitting at her baby grand piano, standing in her kitchen, sleeping under her roof, leaving our glow-in-the-dark handprints on the ceiling.

We stood on the banks of the Wenatchee River, feeling exhilarated and terrified and gobsmacked by its power, contemplating the incredible volume of snowmelt, and considering the salmon who are, as I type these words, tirelessly making their way against that current to carry out their biological mandate. There is no way to fully fathom how incredible that migration is without staring into the face of those raging rivers.

We have shared our songs and ourselves with so many new friends in all of these new-to-us places, and experienced the joy and the connection that comes along with all of that. So many open doors and cupboards and hearts, so many more magical moments behind us, so many more to come…

We have a couple of days off now here in Bend, and we plan to soak up some more beauty and rest before moving on to Eugene, Grants Pass, and then south to California for the rest of the tour.

Here’s wishing you multi-dimensional experiences that spark your curiosity and nourish your spirit!